Science as Inquiry

Project-Based, Web-Assisted, and Active Assessment Strategies 

Want your students to be more motivated to learn science and to know how to engage in science inquiry learning?  Science As Inquiry provides you with the tools to help you succeed.

Teachers want practical strategies that work in the classroom, but also want compelling content and activities that will enable students to use their sense of wonder to explore science.  

Delivering quality content, in-class and online activities and projects, and and engaging students in inquiry learning will help establish you as the outstanding teacher you are.  Science as Inquiry is about helping you:

  • access the tools of inquiry
  • implement earth, environmental, life and physical science activities
  • find key Internet projects you can use with your students
  • assess students in ways that improve their learning

This website is based on the new edition of Science as Inquiry.  There are many activities and projects for you to use with your class right now.  You might also want to purchase a eBook or hardcopy of my book, Science as Inquiry, available now from Good Year Publishing.  Complete details on all of the tools of inquiry, and activities are included in the book.  

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About the Author of Science as Inquiry  

Jack Hassard is Professor Emeritus of Science Education, Georgia State University.  While as GSU, Jack was Coordinator of Science Education, and was responsible for developing several science teacher education programs, including the TEEMS Program.  He was the Director of the Global Thinking Project, an Internet-Based Environmental Science Program linking schools around the world to study local environmental problems.

He is author of more than 20 books including The Whole Cosmos Catalog of Science, Science Experiences, Adventures in Geology and The Art of Teaching Science, 2nd Edition. His most recent book is Science As Inquiry, 2nd Edition, and is published by Good Year Books.