Active Learning Strategies

6 Powerful Teaching Techniques to Enhance Student Active Inquiry in Your Classroom

Pre-Assessment Strategies

•The Collaborative Questioning Strategy

•The Q-M-S Strategy

•The Active Reading Strategy

•Visualization: Guided Imagery


In Science-As-Inquiy, five active learning strategies (listed  are presented that been shown to improve students' motivation and conceptual understanding.

Full details are explored in Chapter 4 of Science As Inquiry

Pre-Assessment: The T-Chart

Although there are a number of Pre-Assessment strategies that will help reveal students' prior knowledge, attitudes, and feelings about any science concept, theory or topic, we'll feature the T-chart, a tool that I think you will find valuable in not only finding out about student ideas, but as a means of helping students reflect on their ideas.  

Using large chart paper, students create two columns, one with the heading "What we have about...?" and the other "What questions do we have about...?"  Using a brainstorming technique, students make lists of what they know, and questions they have about the topic.  Shown below is a completed T-Chart created by 7th graders, and a template for a T-Chart on rocks.  

t-chart ozone

t-chart rocks