Mind-to-Mind Learning

Web-Based Interactive & Interpersonal Science Activities Using Web 2.0 Tools

Mind-to-mind activities are interactive and interpersonal experiences that make use of different Internet hardware such as, wireless computers, smart phones, iPads, and the like enabling multiple forms of interaction with e-mail, Wikispaces, Blogs, Skype, and Interactive Websites.The reach of these activities extends from the local to the global, and can not only show students that science is inquiry but also engage them in problems that have personal and social significance.

Keypals & Global Classrooms


In the context of collaboration among two or more classrooms, key pals is a method of structuring “talk” over the Net.  In a sense, Global Classrooms use the same protocols to establish connections among students, but at a school-to-school level.  ePals is one example of a Mind-to-Mind Learning strategies that teachers have been using for years. 

Telementoring and Question and Answer Sessions

Telementoring is a way to bring students in contact with people who can serve as mentors, provide expertise, and answer student questions.  There are number of "ask-an-expert sites on the Web that you could use to involve students in a variety of activities such as interviewing experts, searching for important and pressing questions, locating information from experts related to a current inquiry.  Scientific American "ask the experts" site is shown below, and one that you might find interesting to your students.

ask experts sa