Project Ozone is an Internet-based science project in which students monitor ground-level ozone in their community and investigate the problems associated with the Earth's ozone hole. The slider shows some of the activities, content, and tools that students use in this global project.

Goal: Students explore air pollution by investigating the nature of ozone and how it is formed in the troposphere and the stratosphere. They design studies to monitor ground-level ozone in their cities and towns, and then post results on the Project Ozone database.  

Overview:  Project Ozone is an environmental investigation that engages students in monitoring ground-level ozone using the ozone paper strips, a chemically treated paper that changes color when exposed to ozone.  In the project, students also discuss the implications of the deterioration of the protective ozone shield, and what should be done to resolve the problem.  They use the Project Ozone website to share data, and access data from other schools.  Analyze and draw conclusions from the data accessed on the website.

Materials: Ozone paper strips, thermometers, styrofoam balls.

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